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Atom, name of the editor code powerful and modern development, given by the gate hub can be. This is the editor code for a different platform is free released and managed in terms of programmers and developers much to herself catches. One of the main features of the code editor Atom, the possibility of doing the coding group can be. You can play simultaneously with your friends, and your colleagues from the editor for the project, the coding use. The ability of Project Group to well-in the editor of the atoms are included, and you can be well compared to the advance of your projects is your action.

The use of the software Atom concessions for you will be. Once you have the code editor Atom for coding projects use, you directly and without intermediaries to the world of Git and GitHub you\’ll be connected. On the other hand, you can easily get hordes of package of programming and the development of desired yourself to the code editor, add. This feature in a user interface is very beautiful, makes up you in excellent environmental compared to the coding and do the job your go ahead.

Also, the code editor Atom, such as some editor, intelligent code, etc. feature autocompletion as well is capable. This feature helps you coding for you faster and better, go away. Also how to access to the project files, you to good is possible, and the editing between the windows, simply can be done.

Facilities and features of the Atom

  • Benefit from the interface is very modern, the direction of the coding
  • The possibility of use in different platform
  • The ability to search and install a variety of packages programming
  • Benefit from the ability to complete the quick code you
  • Benefit from the search pointer is very powerful for searching in code, you
  • The possibility of customization of the software environment, depending on your taste
  • And…

System requirements

Atom System Requirements

Operating Systems
macOS 10.9 or later Windows 7 and later, and Linux



Installation guide

This software is open source and is provided free of charge.

Download link

Download Atom text editor 1.49.0 x86

Download Atom text editor 1.49.0 x64

Download Atom_text_editor_1.49.0_macOS

Download Atom_text_editor_1.49.0_Linux

Password file(s):

File size

The 32-bit version : 170 MB

64-bit version : 175 MB

Mac version : 182 MB

Version Linux : 122 MB

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