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Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced is a Joomla! PHP Programming tutorial that teaches you how to build a Symfony website from beginner to advanced. Symphony is one of the most popular PHP frameworks that makes the process of developing web applications faster and easier. Version 4 of this framework has a new approach that gives you different capabilities depending on the size of your project. These features are installed by the Symfony Flex utility and the developer can only add custom features to the project.

The course consists of three main sections. In the first part, you will be introduced to the theoretical issues and learn the basic concepts of Symfony framework. In the second part, you begin to build a simple application in the Symfony framework and perform a set of tasks with the database. In the third section, you create an advanced video sharing web application that uses the PayPal account to make payments, video grouping capabilities, connect to the Vimeo API, and distribute to the Heroku server.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Build two simple and advanced web applications
  • Learn Symfony 4 frameworks from theory to project construction
  • Creating Tree Categories in PHP
  • Installing and Configuring Symfony
  • Introduction to Symfony Flex
  • Learn how to process HTTP in Symfony framework
  • Introduction to Routers and Controllers
  • Doctrine ORM training and how to use the database
  • Learn how to send emails
  • Understanding cache and translation in Symphony
  • Distribution of Symphony application on Heroku server

Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced:

  • English language
  • Duration: 24:20:39
  • Number of lessons: 312
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Tutor: Robert Apollo
  • File format: mp4

Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced:

Course content
312 lectures 24:20:39

7 lectures 16:34

Symfony 4 & 5 basics, installation & configuration
4 lectures 12:48

Theory – Symfony 4 & 5 core features
99 lectures 05:30:27

First application in Symfony: to-do list app (CRUD)
8 lectures 59:49

Controllers, routes, views – install and move html template to Symfony (App)
9 lectures 01:15:28

Doctrine entities, relations, fixtures, console commands – video categories (App)
16 lectures 02:11:32

First unit tests, mocking classes (Symfony App)
5 lectures 28:31

First functional tests with isolation (Symfony App)
4 lectures 17:53

Paginate, sort and search – videos on the website and test it (Symfony App)
9 lectures 29:43

Login and authorization system, sample user data – fixtures (Symfony App)
11 lectures 32:24

Html forms, register new users (Symfony App)
3 lectures 16:29

Other functional tests (Symfony App)
4 lectures 08:47

Doctrine and LifecycleCallbacks, repositories – comments on videos (Symfony App)
8 lectures 36:53

Many-to-many Doctrine relation – likes / dislikes functionality (Symfony App)
16 lectures 01:06:06

Doctrine database relations & Redis for session – video subscriptions (App)
6 lectures 35:36

Register new users by choosing video subscription plan (Symfony App)
6 lectures 25:15

Flash messages, update user profile using Doctrine (Symfony App)
8 lectures 27:05

Upload files – two implementations of the uploader interface (Symfony App)
10 lectures 01:18:48

Events & listeners, sending emails (Symfony App)
3 lectures 13:26

Translations into other languages ​​(Symfony App)
2 lectures 09:09

Caching pages, services & event subscribers (Symfony App)
5 lectures 17:45

Different enviromnents – Heroku deployment (Symfony App)
3 lectures 13:18

Symfony services by PayPal integration (Symfony App)
3 lectures 12:04

REST API with Symfony & API Platform
45 lectures 04:18:41

BONUS section: RabbitMQ & CQRS with Symfony Messenger
16 lectures 01:41:00

Upgrade guide
2 lectures 06:39

Course prerequisites:

  • PHP language and object oriented programming
  • Basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • How to install software on your computer and have internet connection
  • You need to have server environment installed, eg Ubuntu, Xampp etc. to work with PHP applications locally

Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide Images: Beginner To Advanced

Symfony 4 & 5 Web Development Guide: Beginner To Advanced

Sample movie

Installation guide

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Previous Training Name: Symfony 4 Web Development in 2019: From Beginner To Advanced

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Version 2019/10 increased by 15 lessons and 1.5 hours compared to 2019/6.

Version 2019/11 has 9 lessons and about 10 minutes increase compared to 2019/10.

Version 2020/1 added 45 lessons and 4.5 hours compared to 2019/11.

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