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Mastering RTOS: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx with Debugging A tutorial from Udemy on embedded systems that teaches you how to run the FreeRTOS operating system on the STM32F4x and ARM Cortex-M microcontroller. FreeRTOS is a real-time operating system for embedded devices that supports four types of microcontroller platform architecture. The STM32F4 is also a family of microcontrollers based on the ARM architecture and uses a 2-bit processing core.

During this training you will learn how to run and port the FreeRTOS operating system on microcontrollers in two ways. In the first method, you use Eclipse, FreeRTOS, the STM32F4xx microcontroller, and the SEGGER SystemView tool, and in the second, you can run FreeRTOS using a simulator on Windows, Mac, or Linux. The course instructor will provide you with the source code and explain all the necessary topics. You will need sufficient knowledge of C and microcontrollers to use this course.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Learn the concepts of RTOS with FreeRTOS programming
  • Step by step tutorial on running FreeRTOS on STM32
  • Using the STM32 Driver API
  • Learn how to create, delete, and schedule tasks
  • FreeRTOS stack and queue management
  • Learning to sync tasks with the help of Semaphores
  • Troubleshooting with SEGGER SystemView software

RTOS Mastering Course Specifications: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx with Debugging:

  • English language
  • Duration: 14 hours and 48 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 158
  • Level of education: Intermediate
  • Instructor: FastBit Embedded Brain Academy, Bharati Software
  • File format: mp4

RTOS Mastering Courses: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx:

158 lectures 14:48:53

Overview of the course
4 lectures 07:39

RTOS Introduction
6 lectures 33:56

Development board used in our courses
5 lectures 21:21

IDE install (OpenSTM32 System Workbench)
2 lectures 08:59

Downloading and Installing FreeRTOS
2 lectures 06:12

Creating FreeRTOS based project for STM32 MCUs
6 lectures 32:03

FreeRTOS Task Creation
4 lectures 17:28

FreeRTOS Hello World App and Testing on hardware
7 lectures 39:56

Semi hosting and UART setup
9 lectures 01:05:10

FreeRTOS debugging app using SEGGER SystemView Tools
12 lectures 01:08:45

IDLE Task and Timer Svc Task of FreerRTOS
2 lectures 12:58

FreeRTOS Scheduler
3 lectures 16:50

FreeRTOS and ARM Cortex Mx Arch. Specific details
4 lectures 16:46

Context switching
5 lectures 42:42

Exercise: Button and LED Task and Interrupt Coding
10 lectures 01:08:40

FreeRTOS Task Notification
5 lectures 34:51

FreeRTOS Licensing model and API interface
2 lectures 13:05

Overview of FreeRTOS Memory manage, STACK and Synchronization services
3 lectures 33:36

FreeRTOS Kernel Coding Style
3 lectures 21:04

FreeRTOS Task Deletion
3 lectures 10:08

ARM Cortex M Interrupt Priority and FreeRTOS Task Priority
7 lectures 36:05

Interrupt safe APIs and Task yielding
2 lectures 22:37

FreeRTOS Task States
4 lectures 10:42

FreeRTOS: Importance of Delay APIs
5 lectures 24:43

FreeRTOS Hook Functions
2 lectures 14:37

FreeRTOS Scheduling Policies
3 lectures 18:23

FreeRTOS Queue Management
21 lectures 01:52:01

Semaphore for Synchronization, Mutual Exclusion and Interrupt Management
9 lectures 52:59

Mutual exclusion
6 lectures 23:01

1 lecture 00:29

1 lecture 01:11

Prerequisites for RTOS Mastering: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx:

  • Basic knowledge of C and Micro controller could be added advantage but not mandatory


RTOS Mastering: Hands on FreeRTOS and STM32Fx with Debugging

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Version 2020/2 compared to 2019/10 has not changed in terms of number of courses and times. English subtitles.

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