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Mastering React is the name of a set of video tutorials on web development and programming in the React workgroup. According to the publisher of this course, you will learn everything you need to see this course. Using React knowledge you can build web applications very quickly, as well as interactively with highly efficient solutions. Since React\’s release in 2011, the library has quickly become the most popular JavaScript language library.

The course also seeks to teach students how to use React fully by providing highly effective exercises and solutions. You also get this training set so that you can speed up your learning by watching the training sessions so that the impact of this training set is in a very favorable condition.

Mastering React training features

Dear students, by observing and learning the tutorials, tips and techniques in this tutorial you will become a React Library expert so that you will be able to make web applications fast and interactive. You will also have more than 200 video tutorials and over 20 hours of video tutorials for dear students.

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Code with Mosh
  • Instructor: Mosh Hamedani
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 12 HOURS
  • Lessons: Over 200 lessons
  • English language

Mastering React headlines

Getting Started (00:28)
1- What is React (4:32)
2- Setting Up the Development Environment (3:37)
3- Your First React App (6:33)
4- Hello World (5:25)
5- Custom Configs (3:11)
6- Full-stack Architecture (2:44)
7- Course Structure (2:24)

ES6 Refresher (00:48)
1 – Introduction (1:43)
2- Let vs Var vs Const (3:52)
3- Objects (2:45)
4- The this Keyword (2:49)
5- Binding this (2:36)
6- Arrow Functions (4:15)
7- Arrow Functions and this (4:14)
8- Method (3:36)
9- Object Destructuring (2:29)
10- Spread Operator (4:02)
11- Classes (3:45)
12- Inheritance (4:03)
13- Modules (4:11)
14- Named and Default Exports (5:15)

Components (01:17)
1- Introduction (1:38)
2- Setting Up the Project (2:06)
3- Your First React Component (5:20)
4- Specifying Children (4:16)
5- Embedding Expressions (4:50)
6- Setting Attributes (5:45)
7- Rendering Classes Dynamically (4:18)
8 – Rendering Lists (3:58)
9- Conditional Rendering (6:04)
10- Handling Events (2:49)
11- Binding Event Handlers (4:36)
12- Updating the State (2:14)
13- What Happens When State Changes (2:04)
14- Passing Event Arguments (3:04)
15- Setting Up the Vidly Project (5:38)
16- Exercises (3:25)
17- Building the Movies Component (7:18)
18- Deleting a Movie (5:18)
19- Conditional Rendering (3:26)
20 – Summary (0:36)


All you need is some basic, beginner-level familiarity with JavaScript.

You don\’t need to know anything about React – everything is covered in the course.

Mastering React images

Mastering React

Sample movie

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