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DesignBuilder advanced modeling tools in an easy-to-use interface provides you and enables design teams using the same software to develop their comfortable and energy-efficient design of buildings. Packaging DesignBuilder for engineers, includes an integrated set of high efficiency to help design sustainable buildings. Leading engineering services and energy modelers around the world Design Builder to gain insight and impact design strategies in building their environmental performance.

Features and Applications DesignBuilder:

  • Render stunning images, rotate, zoom and rotation through building design
  • Innovative productivity features for fast modeling, three-dimensional design Easy to use and quick learning
  • EnergyPlus simulation for energy analysis and easily
  • Accurate assessment of natural daylight visual comfort, Report of daylight and brightness using the brightness
  • EnergyPlus access advanced modeling HVAC
  • Calculate and view the three-dimensional distribution of airflow and temperature distribution CFD calculation of air properties in and around buildings
  • Fully featured and useful optimization analysis
  • Connect with BIM solutions to evaluate alternative design scenarios for control and air conditioning systems, facades, lighting, renewable technologies all in one place
  • Key performance indicators such as energy consumption, carbon emissions, thermal facilitate the availability of daylight
  • Create templates of model data
  • Options for combined heat and moisture transfer
  • Improving natural ventilation controls planned
  • Construction, glazing, lighting and create activities that allow modeling of buildings form the base.

System Requirements

DesignBuilder is a professional graphics application and requires a reasonably high standard of computer hardware for successful use. This page contains information on the recommended specification. The main areas you should pay attention to if you are buying or upgrading your computer system to run DesignBuilder are:

  • Adapter Graphics  – OpenGL compatible graphics adapter is a good 100% required to run Designbuilder. The mid-range and better NVIDIA cards are the most reliable. Some graphics adapters integrated with the motherboard we have tested are unable to run DesignBuilder.
  • Memory  – Designbuilder will use all the memory you can provide – at least 4GB is recommended and 8-16Gb for serious Modelling and Simulations.
  • Speed CPU  – get as fast as you can afford. i7 or Xeon are ideal.
  • Cores  – having multiple processors does not Necessarily but it does allow you to speed up Simulations in Designbuilder continue using your computer while Simulations are running. Quad (or more) core processors also make the software more responsive in use. If you plan to run optimisations and would prefer to avoid online services then a 16-32 (or more) core server will allow multiple simulations to be run in parallel and allow optimisations to complete much more quickly than on a standard quad core desktop or laptop .


  • Windows 10 (Install-able in Win 7/8 / 8.1)
  • i5, i7 or Xeon processor with 4 or more cores.
  • 8-16 GB (or more) RAM.
  • At least 200 GB free disk space. SSD speed up software operation and are more robust especially for laptops.
  • Pointing device such as a mouse or laptop trackpad. Most users prefer using a mouse to trackpads.
  • 100% NVIDIA graphics adapter with hardware acceleration running in 32-bit color mode.
  • 17 “or more, 1280 × 1024 pixels or larger screen for efficiency during the modelling process and for displaying high-quality visualisation images and walk-throughs of DesignBuilder models and CFD results. Large screens (eg 27 “) are ideal for use with DesignBuilder.


DesignBuilder screenshot

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