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JetBrains Rider a new environment, integrated development platform based IntelliJ and ReSharper are. Rider from Delphi and C ++ Builder .NET core, a new cross-platform .NET, and projects based on Mono support. This feature will allow a broad set of applications such as desktop applications, services, and libraries games, Unity, apps, Xamarin, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core web apps create.

Features and technical programming environment JetBrains Rider :

  • Offering over 2500 inspection live code, hundreds of Operation field and refactoring by ReSharper and combine them with the features of the platform IntelliJ and solid IDE
  • Open, edit, build, run, and debug a variety of programs .NET
  • Support of the many languages used in the development of the net, including C #, F #, etc. VB.NET etc. ASP.NET (the engine both ASPX and Razor view), etc. XAML and. XML, etc. JavaScript, TypeScript, etc., JSON, HTML, and. CSS. SCSS, and. LESS, and SQL
  • Run in different operating systems like Windows, Mac, and various breeds of Linux
  • Provide several features of technical code editing intelligent, such as the completion of a variety of different code space, the name of the imported automatic placement, automatic braces and highlighting definitions fit
  • Includes support for Git, Subversion, Mercurial, Perforce and TFS
  • Working with SQL and databases without leaving the Rider
  • Connect to the database, edit the schema and table data, run the jQuery, and even analyze the proposals with charts, UML
  • Contains the debugger that the program net, mono, and .NET Core works
  • Create multiple configurations, debug, adhering to the processes of external adjustment and management point of Start, Stop, step to the side, up and out, run to Cursor, set the clock and evaluate expressions

System Requirements

  • System requirements

    Operating system (64-bit distributions only):






JetBrains Rider screenshot

Installation Guide

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Download Links

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Download JetBrains Rider 2022.2 macOS

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File size

Version of Windows: 788 MB

Version of Linux: 958 MB

Version Mac: 935 MB

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