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Project Firefox at the Mozilla Foundation in September 2002, initially with the name of the Phoenix began, and after a while, and because the name of Phoenix with a company with the same name, one was, in May 2003 and concurrent with the release of version 0.6 to Firebird renamed. Life this name is also because there is a project database with the same name not much, and finally, on 9 February 2004, and simultaneous with the release of version 0.8 name of the Firefox (Firefox) select and Ultimate was.

Firefox in a short time to the most popular to get turned and the opinion of many users drew. High-speed Load pages, replace the tabs instead of separate pages (Tabbed Browsing), the extensions are applied and… of the particulars was that Firefox take up a lot of time on a pioneer the field of browsers as.

After the arrival of Google offering Chrome browser and also free of browser Opera market, the competition hotter, and was still continuing…

On November 14, 2017, etc. the Mozilla Foundation with an update big time. a version of a different name, Mozilla Firefox, Quantum, providing that the speed doubled, and use 30% less of the memory to the first choice of many users became.

Features and browser features of Mozilla Firefox :

– Security called Firefox compared to the rest of the browsers

– High-speed Load pages in Firefox and also improve the speed of implementation of the program in new versions

– User interface is simple, yet professional and very flexible

– There are plug-ins highly versatile and functional

– Full compatibility with a variety of technologies, web design

– RSS functionality, strong and distinctive, this browser compared to other browsers

– Has versions specific to operating systems various


The set changes done in different versions of the browser, from here is visible.

Tips program Firefox :

– Always version the final Firefox is and versions trial due to the existence of problems son and also use this works is also is not recommended.

– Always being the latest version of the program in the pages of the main site, Mozilla, etc. with a delay relative to FTP, it is done.

System requirements


:Operating Systems,

Windows XP SP2 –

Windows Server 2003 SP1 –

Windows Vista –

Windows 7 –

Windows 8 –

– Windows 10

Recommended Hardware

CPU: Pentium 4 or newer processor that supports SSE2

RAM: 512MB

HDD: 200MB of hard drive space


Mozilla Firefox Quantum

Installation guide

Installing Firefox after a certain no with the installation of a new version, etc. information and settings, version ago has been preserved is updated.

Download link


Download Mozilla Firefox 105.0.1 x86

Download Mozilla Firefox 105.0.1 x64

Download Mozilla Firefox 105.0.1 Linux

Download Mozilla Firefox 105.0.1 macOS

Password file(s):

File size

52/54 MB

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