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ManageEngine OpManager is a comprehensive software package from Zoho for complete network management. Managing network productivity has always been one of the challenges in the network world, and this is sometimes complicated by the use of several different products for network management. ManageEngine OpManager is the first comprehensive network management software that has made great efforts to simplify the network management process. It offers tools for physical and virtual monitoring of servers, bandwidth analyzer, advanced firewall analyzer, configuration and change management, and management of IP addresses and switch ports, all you need to view and control your network in a single bundle Seamlessly and seamlessly, so you no longer have to use different peripherals to manage different angles of the network. More than one million IT Admins in 100 countries now use OpManager software.

Features and Features of OpManager Software:

  • Network health monitoring with SNMP, WMI or CLI protocols (visualizing and resolving routers visually)
  • VoIP Monitoring
  • Ability to display and optimize the network map
  • RTT monitoring of wan networks
  • Manage network configuration
  • Advanced network traffic analysis capability
  • Complete monitoring of servers (both physical and virtual: Windows, Linux, Unix, Solaris, VMware, etc.)
  • Ability to monitor processes
  • Powerful network bandwidth monitoring
  • Monitor the routers traffic
  • Cisco AVC and LPSLA monitor
  • Advanced Network Security Monitoring Module
  • Possibility of Cisco NBAR
  • Ability to back up different settings and configurations
  • Ability to compare different configurations
  • Manage changes and instant notification of any changes via email
  • And many more

System Requirements OpManager

System Requirements

# of devices / interfaces Processor RAM Free Hard Disk Supported Operating System
Up to 50 devices or 300 Interfaces 1.7 GHz 1 GB 40 GB Windows: 2012, 2008, 2003 Server, Vista, 2000 professional + SP4, XP ProfessionalLinux: RedHat 7.x and above, Debian 3.0, Suse, Fedora & Mandrake
Up to 300 devices or 2000 Interfaces 3.4 GHz 2 GB
Up to 1000 devices or 5000 interfaces 2 * 3.4 GHz 4 GB 80 GB
More than 1000 device or 5000 interfaces 4 * 3.4 GHz 8 GB

Supported Browsers: Latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, and IE.


ManageEngine OpManager

Installation guide

Install the software and log in with the admin username and password and register the software using the license file.

download link

Download ManageEngine OpManager Enterprise 12.5.215 Multilingual x86

Download ManageEngine OpManager Enterprise 12.5.215 Multilingual x64

ManageEngine OPManager 12.5.175 Enterprise Windows

Download ManageEngine OPManager Enterprise 12.5.175 x86

Download APM Plugin 12.3.001 x86

Download ManageEngine OPManager Enterprise 12.5.175 x64

Download APM Plugin 12.3.001 x64

ManageEngine OPManager 12.3.001 Enterprise Linux

Download ManageEngine OPManager Enterprise 12.3.001 Linux86

Download APM Plugin 12.3.001 Linux86

Download ManageEngine OPManager Enterprise 12.3.001 Linux64

Download APM Plugin 12.3.001 Linux64

File password (s):


32-bit version: 174 MB

64-bit version: 229 MB

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