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Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER is a software package designed to process 3D laser scanning data used for architectural measurements. Where superconducting and orthopedic processing is performed, a flat outline and building maps are required. This release contains a powerful tool to automate the processing of scanned data and the creation of measurement documents.

The ScanIMAGER Ortho module includes powerful tools for processing orthopedics and scanning on curved surfaces. Allows you to create and color the highest resolution orthophoto maps using the digital camera image collection. Various graphical filters designed to identify object structures by integrating with AutoCAD systems can greatly simplify the process of creating measurement documents.

The ScanIMAGER converter module is designed to directly convert the point directory from an Exchange format to the ScanIMAGER SPF internal format. This module allows you to create tasks for batch files. This module supports various text and binary formats. As you process the file, it is possible to create an extensive scan to identify the symptoms.

Features and Features of Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER:

  • Export data in exchange format
  • Create curved objects design specifications
  • Create orthopedics, filtering and color correction
  • Keep history of cancellation of processing
  • Color cloud of digital images collection
  • Create orthopedic project at specified level
  • Loading scans containing billions of dots
  • Obtain sizes, sections and sections
  • Record data by common points, arbitrary rotational scans
  • Scan with measurements, get object parts, get part details

required system

Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER images

Photogrammetry ScanIMAGER

Installation guide

After installing, copy and paste the file in the Crack folder where the program is installed.

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Download Photogrammetria ScanIMAGER Standard Plus x64

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