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redgate name of the software company is founded in 1999, was one of the top companies to look. different tools and perfect for developers Security, database, and programmers, net, etc. Oracle… and industry. A variety of tools for monitoring and management, backup, etc. to compare databases and… in this collection of SQL there. Tools SmartAssembly also to protect the codes net on the NET. Is provided, as well as software NET Reflector. That one probe and debugger, powerful codes net is and already as a free software by Lutz Roeder offer it. from the version of 7 is Red-Gate bought and expanded.

Collections offered RedGate ,…) and the list of tools at activation:

: Red Gate .NET Toolbelt

RedGate ANTS Performance Profiler

RedGate ANTS Memory Profiler

RedGate SmartAssembly

RedGate .NET Reflector Visual Studio Extension

RedGate .NET Reflector Desktop

RedGate ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in

Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle

RedGate ANTS Performance Profiler

RedGate ANTS Memory Profiler

RedGate .NET Reflector Desktop

RedGate .NET Reflector Visual Studio Extension

RedGate ANTS Profiler Visual Studio Add-in

RedGate SmartAssembly

RedGate .NetDemon

: Red Gate Deployment Suite for Oracle

RedGate Data Compare for Oracle

RedGate Schema Compare for Oracle

RedGate Schema Doc for Oracle

: Red Gate MySQL Comparison Bundle

RedGate MySQL Compare

RedGate MySQL Data Compare

: Red Gate SQL Toolbelt

SQL Compare
SQL Data Compare
SQL Backup
SQL Source Control
SQL Monitor Installer
SQL Prompt 7
SQL Dependency Tracker
SQL Data Generator
SQL Multi Script
SQL Comparison SDK
SQL Test
SQL Search
SSMS Integration Pack
DLM Dashboard
DLM Automation

The set changes done in a variety of tools, Red Gate from here, and in the Release Notes of each tool is visible.

Tips set Tools Red Gate :

– These collections with Full Crack are provided and more tools by دانلودلی tested.

– Kirk provided a Keygen for the products of the company Red-Gate that is at the top of the list are the … according to the government, builders, Keygen, etc. possibility of activation of the other tools available in the collections is located, also with this Keygen, etc. there.

– Version of some of the tools to date than the version supported by the Keygen is or that in the support list Keygen the No, but license it Difference not possible to activate them with the Keygen there.

– Use the Keygen provided all of the edits tools of various significant activation is:

Standard – Lite – Professional – VS – VSPro – Developer – Community

– Due to being all tools. from the manufacturer nurtured a separate term, and some of them are purely nurtured a plethora of supply is also due to the lack of differences, volume, high, between, works, etc. most complete collections of each group is located.

– The Toolbelt of groups of SQL and. NET., etc. Of the Bundle the groups, the fuller they are and the tools they include.

– Due to the difference version of the Build each set, a common part of the version in the title, brought it. the details of each version at the top has been brought.

System requirements redgate

To use SQL Compare you need:

  • One of the following Microsoft Windows operating systems:
    • Windows Server 2003
    • Windows 7
    • Windows Server 2008
    • Windows 8
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or later
  • 256 MB RAM
  • 200 MB hard disk space

The following versions of Microsoft SQL Server are supported:

  • SQL Server 2005
  • SQL Server 2008
  • SQL Server 2008 R2
  • SQL Server 2012
  • Windows Azure SQL Database
  • SQL Server on Amazon RDS

Images redgate

RedGate Tools

Installation guide

In general, read the Readme.txt file included in each package. Below is the general activation guide:

The set I have installed, and until the end of the activation, your connection to the internet, disconnect. The tools needed to run and in the window activate the Activate button or from the Help menu, select this option. Keygen run the and part Program Selection tool, select the desired and in part Licensing method one of two methods to choose from. In part, Edition, Selection, edit the desired is usually the best and most complete it at the end of the slide there, select the Generate button.

The serial generated in the relevant section in the activation tool, copy and paste the Activate button and after failing to connect to the internet on the Activate Manually, then click on the Save to File button and file activation.txt save. In the window Keygen on the Load from File button and the file stored in the stage before you enter. Then click the Save To File button and time window to activate the Load from File button and the output file Keygen enter and Finish. Apparently other tools that are in the list supported by the Keygen is not there also with the same reliable method of activation are.

Download links (new versions at the top of the list)

Download RedGate Service Connect Patch

SQL Toolbelt

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Backup_10.1.13.1767

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Compare_14.6.1.19650

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Data_Generator_4.4.3.3055

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Dependency_Tracker_3.3.5.2548

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Prompt_10.7.2.22957

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Source_Control_7.2.45.13597

Download RedGate_SQL_ToolBelt_v3.1.0.2733

Download RedGate_SQL_Toolbelt_2.3.1.2610

Download RedGate_SQL_Toolbelt_2.3.0.2563

Download RedGate_SQL_Toolbelt_2.3.0.2554

.NET Developer Bundle

Download Red_Gate_ANTS_Memory_Profiler_11.0.0.1816

Download Red_Gate_ANTS_Performance_Profiler_11.0.0.2323

Download Red Gate .NET Developer Bundle

Deployment Suite for Oracle

Download Red_Gate_Data_Compare_for_Oracle_5.7.18.1902

Download Red_Gate_SQL_Source_Control_for_Oracle_5.7.18.1986

Download Red Gate Deployment Suite for Oracle

NET Reflector.

Download Red Gate .NET Reflector

Download Red Gate .NET Reflector

Download Red Gate .Net Reflector 9.3

SQL Prompt

Download Redgate_SQL Prompt_8.2

Download SQLPrompt 7.5

Download Red Gate MySQL Comparison Bundle

Download crack outdoor products Red-Gate

Download RedGate_SQL Toolbelt Keygens

Password file(s):

File size

The NET Toolbelt.:ـ69 MB

The Deployment Suite for Oracle:ـ27.3 MB

The MySQL Comparison Bundle:ـ18.7 MB

The SQL Toolbelt:ـ142 MB

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