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3DXchange, one of the software’s powerful collection, Reallusion, to be expected. This software, which in category graphic placed, etc. to you allows all of the characters in 3D with the import and run it by the program, EDIT and update your. The use of advanced instrument and, of course, powerful this software can help you to the most advanced type may be characters, graphics and symbols needed to create and use it.

Aided software 3DXchange Pipeline, you will also be able to update the graphics on 3D files your want to be. Software the you a lot of applications in Industry, Building Game there is. You aided this software will be able to get the characters ready graphics access, etc. use it, or first edit it and update, then try characters their proprietary ready to use in a computer game get. Finally, you can also of the files, prepare the structure you in the direction of use in Unity, and. Unreal and. Maya., the Blender, etc. Cinema 4D and Daz Studio use.

Features and software features 3DXchange :

  • Get and run all the characters in 3D
  • The possibility to edit and create changes in characters 3D designed
  • Build animated characters
  • Benefit from the ability to convert characters designed to format FBX to iClone
  • Benefit from the ability to Transform & Alignment tools
  • Benefit from the ability to The Pivot
  • Benefit from the tools, advanced editing, characters designed
  • Benefit from the powerful tools for the formation and the design for the characters

System requirements

Operating Systems

Windows 10

Windows 8/8.1

Windows 7 SP1


3DXchange Pipeline

Installation Guide

Note: Export Alembic / EFX features in iClone 7 software require 3DXchange software to be installed on your system. Version 7.8.5111 of this program has an incomplete crack, and these two features in iClone 7 are limited in number and time. Can be used alone without problems); So if you need these two features in iClone 7, install version 7.7.4310 of 3DXchange software. Incase of iClone 8, this features don’t require 3DXchange but are limited in number and time.

Be sure to block the executable file of the program in your system firewall.

Download link

Download Reallusion iClone 3DXchange 7.8.5111.1 Pipeline x64

Download Reallusion 3DXchange 7.7.4310.1 Pipeline x64 Repack

Password file(s):

File size

259 MB

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    Congratulations a thousand times. You have no idea how many people you help, who are unable to buy this software, and yet they still need to work to survive. I am one of them.


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