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MKVToolNix powerful software management is advanced video formats, group publisher of video on the Internet, not always the best format possible, both in terms of volume and in terms of quality and facilities at a high level, you choose. AVI format video release was so much time common format, with the introduction and growth of the format MKV (Matroska multimedia format stands for Matroska Multimedia Container and means) and different possibilities in the volume and quality, the use of this format was common and widespread. This open source software to convert video formats such as DTS, AVI, FLV, MOV, MPG, VOB, MP4 to MKV format with different edits such as adding or subtitle and audio Strike is designed. 

Facilities and Features MKVToolNix:

– speed and efficiency of the appropriate software

– Convert various video formats to MKV format with no change in quality

– Supports multiple subtitle formats

– The ability to add or remove subtitles added Chndzyrnvys

– Compatibility with Persian subtitles

– Support for multimedia formats MKV, etc.

– Ability to extract, delete and add soundtracks

– operations cut, paste files, etc.


Series conducted in MKVToolNix from here is visible.


– It provides a software or cross-platform Cross-platform and is available for various operating systems Windows and Mac, as we do that we simply edits provided for other operating systems here are available.

– It is open source and free software, so no limits.

required system

Supported Windows versions are XP and newer from the client OS line and Windows Server 2008 and later from the serever line.



Installation guide

The software is free and no time limit and not structural.

download link

Download MKVToolNix 70.0.0 x86

Download MKVToolNix 70.0.0 x64

Download MKVToolNix 70.0.0 x86 Portable

Download MKVToolNix 70.0.0 x64 Portable

Download MKVToolNix 70.0.0 Linux

Download MKVToolNix 70.0.0 macOS

Password file (s):


32-bit: 25 MB

64-bit: 24 MB

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