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Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D educational videos, coding in C # and Unity, to build a three-dimensional game of the site Udemy is. In this course, you learn how to use the software, Unity, etc., which is one of the best software for making games is game build. This course is project-based, which means that only the concepts of programming to learn don’t take, but them immediately in the game used to go. All files and projects, along with reference and the source of the period is added. Those who want game storage learn, to know that the software Unityt a fantastic platform which enables you to produce a quality game does.

Features of the course Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D :

  • Learning C # for coding
  • Develop a positive attitude to solve the problems
  • Transfer your knowledge to. net, other languages and other items
  • Learn howto, programming, object-oriented in practice
  • Practical exercises every video for making real skills
  • To obtain general knowledge, excellent design, video games
  • Game storage in three-dimensional environment software Unity for Windows, Mac and the web

Specifications volume :

  • Duration Time : 30 hours and 32 minutes
  • Language : English
  • Number of courses: 203
  • Instructors : Ben Tristem, by Ben Tristem, Rick Davidson
  • Level: all levels

This course Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D

Complete C # Unity Game Developer 3D Content

The conditions required courses Complete C# Unity Game Developer 3D

  • Free disc space (5GB on PC, 10GB on Mac) to install Unity, Visual Studio, and our projects.
  • PC or Mac capable of running Unity 2017 (free Personal version).
  • Regular internet access for Q&A and community.
  • That’s it… you’re good to go!


Complete C # Unity Game Developer 3D

Sample movie

Installation guide

After the Extract, with the Player required to view.

Previous titles:

Learn to Code Making Games – Complete C# Unity Developer 2.0

Complete Unity Developer 2.0 – Learn C# Code & Make Games

Complete C# Unity Developer 3D

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2019/7 compared to 2019/2 number of 51 lessons and 6.5 hours and 5 GB increased.

Version 2020/2 compared to 2019/7 number 2 lessons and 8 minutes increased.

Version 2020/4 compared to 2020/2 in terms of the number of courses and the total time unchanged, but changes the time to breakdown headings high.

Version 2020/9 compared to 2020/4 change in the number of courses and didn’t have the time and have not been updated.

Version 2021/2 compared to 2020/4 number 149, lessons, and about 23 hours increased.

Version 2021/3 compared to 2021/2 number 1 lessons increased.

Version 2021/9 has decreased by 165 lessons for 26 hours and 32 minutes compared to version 2021/3.

Download link

New Unity 2020.1 Content

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Download Part 2 – 2 GB

Download Part 3 – 2 GB

Download Part 4 – 2 GB

Download Part 5 – 1.44 GB

Original Content

Download Part 1 – 3 GB

Download Part 2 – 3 GB

Download Part 3 – 3 GB

Download Part 4 – 3 GB

Download Part 5 – 1.85 GB

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File size

Content version 2020.1: 9.4 GB

Original content: 13.8 GB

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    It would be super nice for you if you help us by adding this Course:
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