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Face Recognition Web App with Machine Learning in Flask, the period of training that is on how to create a project face recognition (artificial intelligence) with the use of Python, OpenCV, machine learning, algorithms and Flask from the beginning and for the full training.

At the stage of preprocessing, features the image using the analysis component extracted. With the use of the values of the special face model, machine learning train can be. Also, you will learn how your model before running the test. For best results with the method of Grid search your model adjust.

By completing this course you will be able any artificial intelligence project to do. Each project includes step-collect data, understand data, pre-processing of the data, analysis, data, modeling, ago, between, Create, API, roast in Flask  is

In the step of closing the course and in order to make the project face recognition, you how the integrated model machine learning with Flask  the learn was.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Face detection, automatic image and video
  • Assessment and adjustment, machine learning
  • Create a model Pipeline for use in the app
  • Data processing for the images
  • Heredity template in Flask
  • Find automatic face image and video
  • Create model machine learning for classification
  • The integrated model, machine learning in Flask

Profile courses:

Publisher: : Udemy
Instructor: Sudhir G
Duration Time: 7h 39m
Number of courses: 51 lesson
Language: English

This course will Face Recognition Web App with Machine Learning in Flask

Face Recognition Web App with Machine Learning in Flask Content

Prerequisite course

Should be at-least beginner level in Python
Be able to understand HTML and CSS


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