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Alteryx: Data Science for Non-Scientists , name of the package of education, the science data for non-professionals in the science, to help platform Alteryx is . Nowadays, a lot of software for data management there . We can use Excel to manage the data massively do we use, or from software such as Tableau for visualization of data, text, your advantage, but when with the huge volume of data, and in which we will need to combine and modify have the use of this tool, some problem, it seems . Also a lot of things, a process of determined that there is a daily repeat is : enter the information, filter and clearing the info, do some calculations and exit the result . If you are looking for cross-platform for automating all of these processes without the need for programming in languages like VBA, etc., SQL, or Python, you Alteryx is right for you .

One of the other big advantage Alteryx, their ability to do some analytics, and machine learning or artificial intelligence to predict or categorize data . Nowadays, science data, scientific, vital, and needed to be considered . Large companies like Netflix or Amazon, for offering suggestions about movies and TV shows or new products. from this science for the analysis of the needs of our customers and users of your use . Generally this training, enables you, without any experience of previous in the field of Science in … of computer science or programming get a Data Scientist, professional become . Ibn package to you the basics of the use of the platform Alteryx to teach, and eventually you down the path of teaching, machine learning puts .

What things to learn

Manipulation and data management

Science data, along with machine learning and model ranking predictor

Familiarity with Extract, Transform and Load – ETL – extracted, transform and load data

Familiarity with the platform, Alteryx

And …

This training suits people who

Beginner users who have no background in science, data are not

Students who are interested in learning the science of data and modeling of Predictor have

Profile Alteryx: Data Science for Non-Scientists

Publisher : Udemy

Instructor : Jed Guinto

Language : English

Level of training : from beginners to advanced

Number of lessons : 36 lessons in 6 parts

Duration time : 5h 14m

Head seasons

Alteryx - Data Science for Non-Scientists


  • This is for beginners, so besides basic Excel, you don\\\’t need much else
  • Alteryx Installed


Alteryx - Data Science for Non-Scientists

Sample movie

Installation guide

After the Extract with the Player your custom view.

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p

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