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PSCAD is one of the specialized software in the field of electrical engineering that is used to analyze and simulate power circuits and receive responses in various transient and stable modes. In this software, the circuits can be schematically designed, simulated and executed and the answers can be analyzed. The software has a library of pre-designed and tested models that include simple passive elements, complex controllers, electric machines, devices and transmission lines, and cables. The information in this software is provided in a completely graphical environment and the diagrams can be drawn simultaneously and the system variables can be measured. In this software, the user finds the possibility to redesign the required models with the help of the library. The PSCAD software environment is completely graphical, and the user can use the components in the software’s powerful libraries to draw their own circuit and view the information they need in the software environment as a variable or graph.

PSCAD Features:

– Has resistance, inductor and capacitor

– Has reciprocating induction coils

– Availability of frequency-dependent transmission lines

– Analyze and simulate power circuits and receive responses in various transient and stable modes

– Has voltage and current sources

– Key and circuit breaker

– Protection relays

– Designing the required models again with the help of libraries in the program

– Diode, thyristor and GTO

– Analog and digital controllers

– Schematic design, simulation and execution of circuits and analysis of responses

– DC and AC machines

– Tools and models of wind, turbine and wind gauges.

System Requirement 

Computer Good motherboard with fast front-side speed

8 GB+ of fast, high-quality RAM

Solid-state hard drive

64-bit operating system

4+ CPU cores with a decent CPU ranking

Operating System Microsoft® Windows 7, 64-bit SP1

Microsoft® Windows 10 64-bit

Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 SP0 are not supported for versions 4.6.0 and higher.

Processor Generally the faster the better. We recommend at least a 4-core processor in order to take advantage of Parallel and High Performance Computing. Additional licensed capabilities may be purchased to maximize these features.
Additional Software Compatible FORTRAN Compiler

Microsoft® .NET Framework 4.0 Full

Microsoft  Visual C++ 2015 Redistributables

Folder Permissions Users must be able to create and write to specified files and folders
Configuration of Protection Software The PSCAD machine and corporate anti-virus, firewalls, and policies must permit PSCAD activities
Internet Access Some activities require Internet access
Windows User Privileges Required Windows user privileges are specified below


PSCAD screenshot

PSCAD screenshot

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