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Java for multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization, the period of training that is in IT related topics with a few cotton, etc. perform the task of simultaneous optimization of performance in the Java programming language training gives. By viewing this course, you have to be an expert in the field a few cotton, etc., concurrency and concurrent programming convert you. The course also places great emphasis on training topics related to high performance there.

Nowadays, every computer and every mobile phone has the computational power of high-multiple core processor is the possibility of parallelization of full-on program provides. In this course, you will get all the basic tools to become a software developer expert in the field of multithreading  need, learn, decide. With the use of topics for multithreading and concurrency, in programming, the best use of the ability to your computer, you will.

You with the basics of operating systems and motivation necessary for the use of multithreading and concurrency can be met. The basics to create threading in Java along with communication between thread in Java, he can decide. Also, in addition to learning how to share data between thread in Java. algorithms gone without the lock data structure to increase accountability in the programs you learn.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Create app with good design and correct use of multithreading¬† in Java
  • Earn the level of specialized knowledge related to architecture, modern software, and programming the low level with the use of Threads
  • Create applications with high performance and responsive that our customers like it to be
  • Learn to use the computer and the Java language for application programming, concurrent and parallel

Profile courses:

Publisher: : Udemy
Instructor: James Dunn
Duration time: 4h 39m
Number of lessons: 32 lessons
Language: English

This course of Java for multithreading, Concurrency & Performance Optimization

Java Multithreading, Concurrency and Performance Optimization Contents

Prerequisite course

A Windows, Mac or Linux computer
Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 or above installed
Basic knowledge of programming in Java


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