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Glary Utilities a set of tools to repair, boost, speed, maintain and protect the computer. These software tools are very much in categories, arranged in the form of a graphical interface unit to the users offers. Over time, throughout the Windows files useless, or the temporary lot is published which, unfortunately, Windows is the perfect solution to automatically delete these files offer not is. When, for example, a program to remove the You windows as that seems to be all ردپاهای that program from the registry or other parts of Windows, not exclude. In these cases, the use of tools to remove the files added is essential. Glary Utilities, this to well do.

This program option to delete the keys useless registry., the history searches in the Windows, History browser information, cache, and … have is. Now this software is able Information, use related to the 45 other software will also identified, and the clearing of the track. All extensions and plugins installed onto the browsers Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and … a significant inactivation or removal. You can space your hard disk analysis, and use files and folders bulking to detect or remove.

Can files duplicate to different methods identify and, if needed, a version of remove them. In addition to the features of cleanup the software tools to optimize Ram your device has, with a button you can Rome empty to pick up speed windows to dramatically increase. dead shortcuts, you can detect and remove. Programs that automatically with windows are running, you can disable or delete the session.

Remove the chance of back files

One of The ابراهای useful available in this software to remove a safe for files is. You can easily find the desired file, right click and the option to remove the safe pick. The files that this method will remove the contrary to remove the typical Windows recovery will not be. Therefore, if it is forced your device to the repair work, give, or sell. After the copying of your important information, you can securely delete them, let\\\’s for recovery not deleted information get comfortable. Ibn software tools is also another that we would prefer you review them, please. User interface Glary Utilities is a very simple and beautiful design and has access to various tools it is easily possible. A portable version of this program also, you can now get from downloadly and no need to install of the features of this program on any system use.

Features and app features, Glary Utilities:

  • Graphical interface simple and compact
  • Remove files, useless, etc. folders empty
  • Identify files duplicates and delete them
  • delete keys useless registry and cleansing re it
  • Possible to remove the dead shortcuts
  • Possibility to fix the errors Start menu
  • Manage program start-up windows with the possibility of removal and non-activation, they
  • Optimizer, RAM, and automatic cleanup of memory
  • Ability to delete history searches, etc. cookies, cache and … from 45 different programs
  • The possibility to securely delete files
  • Tools, manage plugins, Internet Explorer
  • Analyzer tool disk to identify files and folders bulking
  • The possibility of complete removal of programs from the system
  • Manage context menu and adding and removing the desired items
  • And …

System requirements

Windows 7, 8, 10, XP,, Vista, 2008. 32/64bit version.


Glary Utilities

Installation guide

From the information contained in the file Readme.txt for registering the software to use.

Download link

Download Glary Utilities Pro Multilingual

Download Glary Utilities_Pro Multilingual Portable

Password file(s):

File size

Version install: 18 MB

Portable version: 14 MB

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