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LightningChart a kit complete programming in order to perform fast calculations of two-dimensional and three-dimensional field measurements, engineering and visual modeling of data research for the framework programming net is. Using this sdk, programmers can use a variety of controls, two-dimensional and three-dimensional for drawing charts, information use, and information about them in lockers, beautiful graphics to the display set. Charts, this set both for the version of Vienna form and WPF is provided in both the perimeter can be all the features of this development kit beneficiaries. Charts, graphics, this set of accelerator hardware of the GPU they use, and on the Direct3D had been built, which increases the maximum efficiency of drawing the graphic of this product is.

If in your application of a large number charts, graphics and heavy use, we recommend, be sure to use of this product, because the performance will orbit around it, in analogy with the standard controls, WPF is much higher. Controls the collection, with the purpose of high speed processing are created, and programmers in the engineering programs themselves can be from a variety of اسیلوسکوبهای computer-based, etc. analyzers signal. systems, G. I. S and other monitoring systems, signal and measure the moment of use. The controls, such design and implementation, which have been without hang-up and freezing graphical interface program can be a large volume of data for effective processing and show. Controls three-dimensional this possibility, at the discretion of the users are located so that they can chart in the desired angle cycle, size it, change and …

Features and technical component LightningChart :

  • The possibility of drawing all kinds of diagrams of two-dimensional and three-dimensional in various branches of engineering
  • The possibility of mapping the two-dimensional and three-dimensional
  • High speed in processing information
  • Hong not the program, when processing a huge volume of data
  • Possibility to define types of help for charts, with the ability to personalize the top
  • The possibility of zoom, displacer and the rotation diagrams during programming and for the end user
  • The use of accelerator hardware of the GPU, and use DirectX to increase the maximum performance
  • Personalize the top part displays the visual data (change the colors, etc. themes, fonts, text, transparent, off the field, Doggystyle, lines, effects blinking, soft on the margins of trailing images, etc.)

System Requirements

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 – 2017 – 2019
.NET 4.0 framework or newer, also Client Profile
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10; 32-bit or 64-bit.
DirectX 9.0 c-compatible or newer 3D display adapter with 64 MB or more memory. DirectX 11 level display adapter recommended.


Arction LightningChart Ultimate


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Download Arction LightningChart .NET v10.0.1

Download Arction LightningChart v9.1.1.4001

Download Arction LightningChart .NET

Download Arction LightingChart JS 1.2.2

Download Arction LightningChart Ultimate 6.5.1

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